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Identity and values


Innovation in support

Our identity


An innovative consulting and business services agency.

We are a business agency offering services to companies in accounting, consulting and operational and financial management.

New vision

At the heart of our DNA, a new vision of support.

We are committed to offering an innovative approach to business support: accounting, financial services and business consulting services tailored and packaged to fit the entrepreneurial needs of each of our clients.

We are an accounting and business consulting firm

From the support of your business project, the daily management of your structure, to the fulfillment of your tax obligations, our mission is clear: to give you the means to focus on your core business and to serenely manage the development of your activity.

Support throughout your business endeavour


The right choices for your project

We help you make the right choices, at the right time: determining your business model, the viability of your project, the choice of your legal, fiscal and social status, the determination of the appropriate need and support by putting together the financing file when launching your project.


Focus on the essentials of your daily life

We take the administrative burden off your shoulders and provide you with the most innovative IT tools to simplify, connect and accelerate your accounting and financial processes


Accelerate your development

We assist you in the supervision of your key management indicators and the monitoring of your objectives thanks to our innovative financial and operational management solutions, and administrative and financial outsourcing services.

Boldness in the service of ambition

Our values

Passion, commitment and ambition

In true entrepreneurial spirit, research and the requirement of quality is at the heart of our approach.

Innovation and avant-garde

We develop an innovative and forward-thinking approach in our support.

At Unio, we offer cutting-edge processes, tools and experiences to serve our clients.
We are also committed to following the major changes to come, in order to understand and anticipate them for the benefit of our clients.

Since our inception, we have integrated a permanent culture of innovation into the heart of our organization with one goal in mind: to give you the best of today to prepare for tomorrow.

Durability and strength

We build a healthy and lasting relationship with each contractor, based on solid fundamentals.

As members of the French Order of Chartered Accountants (Ordre des experts-comptables), the ethical and professional rules that bind us are our guiding light, in the service of the common interest.

In addition to these fundamental principles, it is in the respect of our own ethical values, such as inclusiveness, mutual respect and humility, that we wish to build our history, in the service of our clients.

Agility and openness

Our goal is to function as a free, agile and open company.

With our location in the heart of Europe, at the gateway to Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany, our company operates in an international and border environment with a wide variety of issues, environments and national and international economic players.

In order to better respond to these challenges as well as to societal changes, our company is driven by a true spirit of openness and has an agile and liberated operation.
These main principles make us more flexible and adaptable to each context, project and interlocutor in order to promote the satisfaction of our clients.

These values form an inseparable part of our corporate identity and culture.

Services and advice adapted to your needs

Our services

A team practicing with passion and commitment

Our team

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